History of our vineyard,


Imagine a 3-mile ribbon of meandering trail,

Isolating the land from everything,hiding it from all,save a few true nature lovers .

1000 feet high in the crystal-clear air of the Maures foothills and only a few kilometers from the Mediterranean sea.

For five generations one family, our own,  has worked with these elements in order to produce wine.

Our goal is to put forth an exceptional flavor and offer the first wine ever bottled from this small hidden corner of Provence.

Preserving nature

The choice of organic harvesting came from our conviction and our respect for the earth.

Preserving our privalageto be isolated from others'  pollutants.

Any use of pesticides is banned

We have dusted off the wheelbarrows of our ancestors and the trimming, weeding, and harvesting of the grapes is done entirely by hand in order to produce a high-quality wine in harmony with nature.

Our Rosé Production

Production technique:

Our fruit-soaking techniques allow us to produce a very aromatic wine,

 abling the pallet to easily pick up the fruit aromas (grapefruit, litchi...) 

Types of Grapes

Elaborated from old vines: 40% Cinsault,40% Grenache and 10% Syrah


La Syrah

These little midnight blue grapes, produce a solidly colored wine. It is a difficult grape to grow during the first few years due to its high tannin concentration, but pays off handsomely in its old age. With added years comes added flavors, giving the wine characteristics of vanilla, Havana, and red fruit. 

La Grenache

This type of grape, when young, gives its wine the tastes of red fruit, then evolves towards spicy and riche flavors as it ages. It gives the wine more body, volume and power. 

Le Cinsault

Tasty and attractive, this provençal grape has long been a fruit bowl favorite.

Heavily uesd in Provence,it brings the wine freshness and finesses,combining the power of other grapes.

Rent "la petite maison"

We will be happy to welcome you ,in our charming small house "at the end of the world"

For 4  persons ,all confort with wifi

Visit picture galery ,price around 110€per night ,contact for all details domainemurennes@yahoo.fr